Recruitment Services

About 60 to 70% of an organizations budget is consumed by its workforce. Hiring skilled resources with right attitude has become increasingly difficult often owing to the inefficient supply and selection processes, especially in ICT domain. Lenora offers tailor made staffing and recruitment services to meet your business requirements, thus sparing your valuable time to focus on your core business activities.

CLS offers:
Recruitment Process outsourcing:

We have built a highly experienced and focused team of recruiters who can ferret out the best talent to meet your requirements. We go all the way to get you that best resource you always coveted to have. Our responsible team ensures your organizational aspirations are well oiled through providing best suitable resources and services to meet your requirements.
Resource Outsourcing:

Often it becomes expensive for Businesses to hire resources permanently owing to the limited scope of work. Given to the vast landscape of Technology and continued development of new and latest technologies, it became practically impossible for businesses to hire and maintain all kinds of skilled resources required to manage their systems. Hiring resources on contract basis to deliver defined scope of work for the period required has been the most optimal and cost effective approach in organizing and facilitating business growth and development. Lenora provides resources across the length and breadth of ICT technologies and services ranging from Developers, DBAs, Project Managers, Technical Consultants, Techno-functional Consultants, Functional Consultants and Program and delivery managers of varying levels of seniority and area of expertise to meet your requirements. Lenora understands the value and importance of having a right resource in the right place and at the right time. Lenora ensures that you get best resource at optimal cost and within the least time possible.

Resume sourcing:
CLS can assist you in finding the right talent. We can source the best CVs in the market and can ensure a very high hit ratio.

Selection process outsourcing:
Business may find it difficult to select the right resource when they don’t have the right competence in hiring IT resources. Lenora is happy to be able to help you get the best possible even in your non-core areas. Lenora spends time in understanding the Job requirements and Job description in order to find the best match among the available applicants.